Turgon checks in with not one but two new columns.

  • The first is an addenda to his book, The Tolkien Fan’s Medieval Reader, presenting a few medieval poems from The Poetic Edda. For reasons of space they didn’t appear in the book, so look here to see the original source where Tolkien got his dwarf-names! [More]
  • The second column is a roundup of some recent books on Tolkien, including the new unauthorized biography of Peter Jackson, a parody of The Hobbit, and several others. [More]

And if you missed the announcement last week, there are two new Special Guest columns, “Hearing the Horns of Rohan” by Edie Head, and “The Eternal Conflict in Middle-earth: from Literature to Film” by Michael Posa. Both are fine essays, one a personal look at Tolkien in one woman’s life [More], the other, a studied look at certain differing aspects between the presentation of good and evil in Tolkien’s books and Jackson’s films [More]. Enjoy!