Ringer Bryan (corroborated by Ringer azLaura) writes: Readers interested in the LOTR pinball should avoid Sharper Image go to an actual pinball machine retailer – they will save several hundred dollars. Just do a Google search for “Lord of the Rings Pinball” and you will get several choices. The pinball is made by Sterns (one of the last real pinball manufacturers) and you can read more about this very cool game on their Web site: [More]

Ringer Starbright adds: I just want to say, that in response to your LOTR pinball machine news on TORN, I went to a place called Skytop Lodge in Pennsylvania over Memorial Day weekend, and they own it. Its a lot of fun. I also wish I had 5,000, but at least at Skytop I only had to put in 50 cents to play it!