Ringer Spy Linuxelf writes: Saw this on the NZ news tonight; if you remember in FOTR a Hobbit (none other than Farmer Maggot) was approached by a Ringwraith, and a dog was barking and walked backwards inside, just before he told them that there where no “Bagginses around here, there up in Hobbiton..” Well that dog ‘Herc’ has been in a multitude of TV adverts and other movies, and sadly passed away yesterday. Herc’s offspring is currently being trained for a part in The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe. He knew 120 commands! [More] or [More]

UPDATE: Farmer Maggot himself, Cameron Rhodes, responds:

Hi, I am deeply saddend at the death of my co-star. He will live on in the FELLOWSHIP.