An Anonymous Ringer writes: “Hi! Just saw the report showing ROTK for $15.97. Target will have it for $14.99. I only know because I climbed through the window of our Team Resources Office this evening so I could have a peak at next week’s ad 😉 Don’t tell my boss!” Wee notes: The DVD is not on sale on the website, but in the store itself.

Ringer Ron writes: While EB Games are selling ROTK nationwide with each store having very limited copies, they are also running a special where by turning in 3 unwanted DVD’s (complete with boxes) as trade, you can purchase ROTK for $9.99. Check your local stores for details.

Ringer sheri writes: “Just wanted to let you know that the ROTK dvd and the Trilogy boxset is already out in HMV Singapore. I work there and we’ve received about 700 of the dvds here today. It’s available on vcd too.”