Humble Sauron writes: I noticed yesturday you guys posted the 2 cards from Deipher new set “Reflections” and said that none of the pictures are from ROTK(on the cards) and there done by Weta Workshop. That is wrong information, not to put the guy down or anything. Actually this is what Decipher and Weta are doing together.

The pictures on the Reflections cards belong to Decipher they were not made by Weta, but are actually scenes and snapshopts provided by the people with all the rights to LOTR. So some of the pictures are nothing you saw in the movie. Now the cards that are done by Weta, they have a bug in the bottom right hand corner to signify Wetas involvement in making that card. There will be more of these cards in later sets starting with “Shadows” which comes out sometime in November.

The characters you also see in the weta cards are mostly Weta’s own employees!!! Good stuff and also the people dessed up as Ragdast and Glorfindel are the orignal actors that would be playing that character.