Kong Barge 'Manuia' Work Continues

Abner writes: Here’s the best shot of the Manuia boat I took today, the others had the light against them and then the crew came outside and I didn’t want to get hassled… 🙂 They seemed to be fireproofing the inside of the boat earlier today, at least that’s what one of the vans had written on the side of it. You can clearly see the scaffolding around the front of the boat, and the cannopy wrapped around it. This alteration has been there about a week or so, and you can tell from the shabby look of the hessia cover that we’ve had some good hard winds here this week (110 kph!).

I’ll be heading over to the Miramar suburb tomorrow, but I probably won’t take any amazing photos. Weta Studios are pretty boring – apart from one lone Orc figure in the window (far away and in the dark, not really photographable) there’s nothing to see, all the windows are boarded up. There might be something happening outside the Stone Street Studios though (where the Mumak Harnass is stored outside). There’s been a lot of activity there in the last few weeks, but nothing I’ve been able to recognise so far. I’ll see what I can come up with.