sevenstar_3 writes: Hello! I saw another ringer post that they had the chance to see Andy Serkis in his next project 13 going on 30.

I have been lucky enough to go to two movie screenings this past month featuring LOTR cast members, Troy, with Orlando Bloom and Sean Bean and The Chronicles of Riddick, with Karl Urban. I have posted some reviews and comments on both films over on, but I just wanted to let the fans know that even though they are not key players in the movie trailers, Sean Bean in Troy and Karl Urban in Riddick have considerably more screen time then I would have guessed from the previews……… and of course with the rise of Orlando Bloom, he has been heavily marketed in Troy, but Sean Bean has just as much screen time. So while the movies that I saw were not complete (special effects, soundtracks, etc) It was nice to have the opportunity to see some of the “follow-up” films from the cast.