Different cities in India are seeing different versions of ROTK, it seems. Rulinian wrote again to say that the situation in Chennai had not improved: “At least for us fans out here in Chennai I can say that nothing has ended yet. And since we have no word or idea when the VCD/DVD releases, I guess we continue the Wait.”
Ashlee wrote in the same vein: ” I think the cutting of the film was done only in Chennai, and it happened even in the first film: they cut out most of the Council and the parts with Aragorn and Arwen. ROTK was also released late in Chennai, on 5th March, while it was out on 30th Jan in the rest of the country. “

Kolya could confirm that in Delhi they were seeing the film with no cuts, and Mukund wrote to say that also in Bombay people were getting the full 3hours and 20 mins.

So it’s not an ideal situation – some cities are getting the complete version, and others not. We’re not sure how widespread the short’ version of the film is.