Hengist writes: In a new book by Richard Cohen called “By the Sword” the author describes (amongst other things) the history of screen swordplay. He obviously devotes some time to Bob Anderson and includes the following snipet about Liv Tyler, which says a lot about Bob Andersons techniques and about Liv Tyler.

“He [Bob Anderson] was laughing at the fate of Liv Tyler in The Lord of the Rings. Cast as the young heroine, Arwen, she had bridled at the notion of rehearsing for a fencing scene. An angry Anderson told her he was going away for a while, leaving her with his assistant. He told her he’d give her one chance to shoot the scene on his return before giving it to the director for his approval. “When I came back I could see a gleam in my assistant’s eye: she did the best fight sequence I’ve seen a girl do!”

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