A BIG thank you to Diamond_T & Mediadoc the Magnificent for sending along this transcript from Ian McKellen’s appearance on ‘The View’

Begins with a viewing of the clip of Ian and Billy Boyd in the stables at Edoras with Dom.

STAR: Welcome! Love those beads! You are decorated! Ian is wearing a black shirt with a white muscle tee underneath and some Crewe beads, one set particularly large and orchid in color.

IAN: I got these at Mardi Gras. I just got these gestures to the large orchid set outside. Maybe I should give it to one of you.

JOY: You have to pick one. I think it goes with my blouse. Don’t cha think? Women nod approvingly

Ian: I know what to do. Turns to Star Jones You look after these for Barbara (Walters, who was not present). Everyone goes ” ahh” . He gives the beads to Star

STAR: Now, that was very Gandalf. I have to tell you, I mean, in case you haven’t figured that out…why are you here? I haven’t figured that out. The movie has just made about a billion dollars. The whole world is going to see it. You don’t need to promote it. Did you just come to visit the girls? Ian nods Fantastic! I just love it!

Ian: A little holiday spirit he hold up a glass with clear liquid in it.

STAR: It’s water; it’s fresh. In all honesty, you know I’ve seen all of the LOTR films. This is the final; the third of the trilogy, and the conclusion of the story. Did you ever have any idea how big it would become. Ian shakes his head. Unbelievable!

Ian: How could we have known? I never read the books, but the minute I said that I would play the part, suddenly my website in flooded with people saying ” Now, you better play this part well. We’re all depending on you.” So, there was always a corale that had read the books and were waiting to see the movies, but no one could believe it would have gone through the roof as it as now. As for publicizing it, I don’t mind talking about a movie I really like. I mean, sometimes you’re sitting around one of these talking about films you wish you rather hadn’t been in, and I want everyone to see it; on the big screen. Don’t wait for the DVD; see it on the big screen. See spectacle like it’s never been! Applause

Star: See the fight scenes ’cause you will really lose out if you don’t see it on the big screen. I mean, there are animals over 200 feet tall. The most amazing thing I have ever seen. Peter Jackson is brilliant.

NEW HOST: And it just got nominated for two Golden Globes: Best Director and best Picture. No acting nominations though?
Ian: Ah, no. The New York Board of Review gave us the Ensemble Acting Award. I think we were all chuck about that because we’re a bit of a team, and we perhaps don’t want to be selected away from the others.

NEW HOST: So, do you think about your possibilities of getting an Oscar Nomination, or does it really matter?
Ian: Well, I’m tempted to say, “who needs Oscar?” I think if you’re in a little movie that needs help, like “Gods and Monsters” that I was in, and got nominated for that…

STAR: That was great! Applause

Ian: But this movie doesn’t need little prizes. A little cherry on the top of the Christmas cake. But, the real important thing is the audience.

JOY: yeah, right. Is the “Sir” is that really important?

IAN: It is. And it’s funny I know Americans don’t really understand about these titles-

JOY: We couldn’t find an equivalent.

IAN: No, you don’t have one. They’re medals given by a grateful nation for your contribution to the life of the country. “Sir”…well, politicians get the knighthood, teachers-

JOY: Rock artists-but some people turn it down-

STAR: Vanessa Redgrave turned it down-

IAN: Yes. They do. Well, she may have turned down the “Dame” title, but I can tell you what, she is a Commander of the British Empire that she got when she was 27. She keeps quiet about that. All go ‘AHHHH’!

MEREDITH: But for you, does it make you feel like you look in the mirror and say, “hello, Sir!” laughter It’s got to be heady.

IAN: There are two things for me. First, to be in the same category nominally as my hero Sir Lawrence Olivier, Sir John Gill, Sir Alec Guinness-

JOY: Sir Ralph Richardson

IAN: Yeah, exactly. It makes me feel very warm. But, then, I got it just 2 years after I had come out and said I was gay. And that hadn’t happened before that an openly gay person had be given a knighthood. So, I just saw that as a bit of social charge that I approved of. That was why I was so pleased.

MEREDITH: Why did you think-I was going to ask you that because you did ‘come out’-you have been very vocal, and it hasn’t affected your acting. You play-

IAN: Actually, my film career took off the moment I came out, so–*laughter* guys, get out of the closet! More laughter
STAR: Yes-you play one of the best characters ever!

JOY: The British don’t care about things like that-

STAR: Obviously the Americans don’t either! The movies have made like a billion dollars…

IAN: And they don’t care on Broadway either. It’s just Hollywood. They’ve got a few problems.

JOY: nods Issues.

IAN: Mind you, they just discovered in Hollywood a few years ago that they have Blacks there, did you notice? Uproarious laughter

JOY: …for roles other than servants, yes.

MEREDITH: I have to ask you…are you a little nervous? My son is coming out in the next segment…

IAN: A very nice young man. Extremely nice, and intelligent, and friendly.

MEREDITH: Trying to buy him, are you? Laughter

IAN: Well, crosses fingers we will hope for the best. Smiles
(Meredith’s teenage son was offering reviews of the Holiday Season releases, including of course, ROTK). I have a pretty good idea of what he’s going to say, so I am pleased.

MEREDITH: He will be reviewing your movie and “Cheaper by the Dozen”. Do you care what the critics say?

IAN: Well, the critics are the audience. They’re the people. applause

STAR: …about the confidence you have…

IAN: Well, if people come and see your movies and with LOTR , they come around the premieres by the hundreds of thousands and say, “Thank You!”…then, what the critics sat becomes less important.

STAR: Well, in this case, the fans love it, and the critics adore it. I have seen all of the best movies of the year lists. It’s either number one or number two…but for me, it’s number one!

Ian: Oh, thank you, Star!

STAR: LOTR: ROTK is everywhere! I know, I searched! Applause