Ringer spy KT says, “Quoq Inc. in Japan has just released a Lord of the Rings credit card! There is a website, to apply for the card, but I am quite sure that only people residing in Japan will be elligable to get one, I am sure going to try my hardest to get one.” [More]
“I think this goes someway to making up for making me wait two months to see the movie.

“The release date in Japan has now been announced as February 14, on Valentines Day.”

Helena writes about the premiere in Japan, which is proving to be frustrating for the fans, because it seems like they’ll be excluded from the chance event to line up by the red carpet and cheer like they do in other countries:

“I’m writing about the Japanese premiere, that apparently is going to happen maybe on next 22nd. On the contrary of all the premieres all around the world for the whole trilogy, every time when it comes to Japan, the thing seems to be more of a super-secret-non-secret thing. Let me explain: It has been published on the official Japanese LOTR site that on this month is going to happen the very especial premiere with the presence of Elijah Wood, Viggo Mortensen, PJ and many others (apparently 22 people are coming), but nothing about the place, the date, the time…The site is telling 777 fans will be lucky to ‘watch’ the premiere live on their PC and it also says about watching it on the cell-phone.’Become the witness of this historical event!’ it says…Now, when in all other places the fans wait excited to be next to the red carpet or do the craziest things to be able to get in, here in Japan all we can do is wait to see how it was on the news for a few seconds next day or buy magazines to read the interviews next month.

“The lack of information is absurd. One fan called the company that’s arranging the event and the person told her that the Japanese premiere will not be for ‘regular’ people, which means that only famous people who call themselves artists will be there, not even for the film, but to make the news papers next morning.There are hundreds of fans waiting for this moment, the stars are coming, PJ is finally coming, why not make an event worthy of all this dedication to this movie? Why so top-secret?
All the fans wish they could go and send the cast and crew their love and show how much they care, but go where? When?”