Ringer Spy Nazz attended the MANY press confrences during the ROTK media blitz last month. In this article he chats with Bernard Hill.

Special thanks to Rip It Up Magazine in South Australia for this transcript.

Wellington Premiere Pictures
Bernard Hill at the ROTK Wellington Premiere

“Peter Jackson? I’ve worked with Jim Cameron [as the captain of the Titanic] and I thought he was tough. But seriously, a similar thing I noticed with Jim Cameron but particularly Pete is that he’s made a reputation of the ability to present high tech aspects of filmmaking onto the screen. Normally director like that come at it from a technical history and background and they’re not very good at working with human beings. With Pete, quite the opposite is true. Because he’s such an amazing guy himself and he’s got his feet quite firmly planted on the ground and is very rooted to his culture and family here in New Zealand, it’s a platform that he stands and operates from – and embraces everyone who comes near him on the set.

“What was remarkable about working on the whole project was that it was a very egalitarian society. Nobody would be allowed to take themselves too seriously. Everyone was just the same. There was no hierarchy at all. Even the person who went around with the water bottles had the same feeling that they belonged as much to the film family as the people in the high profile areas – it helped me enormously and I’m sure it helped other people too. That really set him apart. You can all clap now if you like.”