Madhatter also wrote in with this to say about the way the official Japanese site has blurted out so many spoilers that any sense of suspense must be completely destroyed.

“Yes, it’s December 25. On the Japanese official site, they have just released a new preview trailer of RotK. For us Japanese LotR fans, who now have to wait for the release of RotK another two months, it could have been a wonderful Christmas present. No, it’s NOT. The new trailer is FULL OF REAL SPOILERS, especially for those who have not read the original books.

“The trailer does reveal these sequences: Frodo and Sam in the Crack of Doom, in which Frodo says “The Ring is mine”; Four hobbits surronded by Gondorians bowing to them; Aragorn leading the Army of the dead.

“Many fans who have seen the new trailer are now posting their angry voices on the Internet such as “I regret seeing it”, “Can’t enjoy the whole movie knowing Frodo will succumb to the power of the Ring”, “Ah, none of the four hobbits will die”, “How dare they show us such a spoiler!”

“As we have reported before, the Japanese distributor Nippon Herald once spoiled the first movie FotR with terribly mistranslated subtitles, but now they are spoiling the third and last movie RotK itself!

“Did New Line Cinema and the director Peter Jackson officially acknowledge this trailer? If they didn’t, we have to let them know and ask them to do something against such poor publicity.”