Bruce’s words on Gamling’s fate. September 14, 2003, Supernova pop-culture convention, Brisbane.

I ask if Gamling goes on to become Eomer’s right-hand man after Theoden dies.

Bruce: “That would have been my dream – I was harbouring that as a little, sort of, dream end. But no. Again, a lot of the stuff had been shot before they [Peter, Philippa and Fran] realised how much they would have put Gamling into it.

And when Peter and Fran wrote in the front of my book … they wrote in the front: ‘Thanks for helping us create a character we didn’t even know we needed.’

So that’s kind of how it happened.

Maybe if it’d been thought through earlier, maybe Gamling could have become Eomer’s right-hand man. But no … and the other angle I thought would have been quite cool – if I hadn’t gone on like that – was to have got a really nice death scene. Seeing the way Haldir’s death scene came out in the Two Towers – it was just so beautiful, such a superb death scene.”