Antman writes: On PrimeTime thursday on ABC, thanksgiving night they had a preview of next week’s show that will be all Return of the King. They showed some clips of stuff from ROTK, if this is news you might like to know.

Aragorn and Eowyn are loading horses to go somewhere, and Eowyn says something like “it is tradition for the women to see the men off” and aragorn looks on her horse and sees her sword and asks here why she’s bringing it.

They showed a green screen shot of Aragorn standing at the black gate amidst the battle looking up at something with wind blowing agaist him.

They show Pippin (or merry i cant remember) screaming for help as he runs away from a dead oliphaunt.

Gollum climbing stairs to cirith ungol talking about how “we must climb the stairs”.

Aragorn talking to theoden at the Dunharrow tents about how he is worried that there are not enough soldiers for something, and Theoden reassures him that “more” will come.

Then there was some stuff with Liv Tyler saying that she’s sad its over, wardrobe/props people, and some candid shots of Viggo and Ian McKellen giving thumbs up to the camera.

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