Ceejay writes: I’ve just started watching the first of the extras disc on TTT exdended edition DVD after watching the film twice and have come something that caused quite a stir on the internet between the makers of the film and the fans. I remeber quite a while back about the huge uproar fans made whenit was suggested that PJ would have Arwen turn up at Helms Deep and deliver the sword of Kings to Aragorn while indulging in some sword play herself. One of the books on the films production even had sketches of her armour but to my knowledge none of the footage was ever sen if they had shot any.

Well in the second featurette on disc three of the DVD titled”From Book to Script: Finding the story” Not only do they cover the other touchy subject of Farimir’s character adaptation (fully justified) but they also explain why they decided to originally have Arwen at Helms Deep and why they scrapped the idea late into filming. They also show footage of Arwen and Aragorn fighting at Helms Deep side by side, she is not in armour though, only a burgundy dress but you see her dispatch an Orc sending him over a wall. We also see Liv Tyler training with her sword choreographing her fight scenes on the set. On a side note, the same featurette also shows a few scenes from ROTK a few of which were never seen before. Amongst them are Farimir and his Rangers returning to Osgiliath, Gollum leading Sam and Frodo up some part of Mordor and also the complete shot of Gandalf racing up the side wall ontop Shadowfax to see the enemy surrounding Minas Tirith. There are also some footage of the Elves at Helms Deep not used in the final film as they await the coming forces of Saruman.

I’m loving this gem of a DVD!