Taniwha sent in the link to the countdown clock and webcam overlooking the home of ROTK’s world premiere, The Embassy Theatre. [More]

He also sent word of a really good trilogy marathon to be held at the Embassy. Here’s the word from them:

As we countdown to the World Premiere of the final instalment of Peter Jackson’s The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King, the Embassy Theatre in Wellington is preparing for yet another unique event in conjunction with Tolkien’s trilogy – a one-off screening of all 3 films back-to-back on Wednesday 17 December. The screenings start on Wednesday afternoon with Fellowship of the Ring, leading into The Two Towers and finally at midnight with the first public, and sure to be extremely excitingly charged, screening of The Return of the King.

The first 400 marathon viewers will receive a stunning commemorative desktop item made of solid pewter that incorporates images from each film and this collectible will not be available anywhere else in Australasia. We are advised that this has been created by Peter Jackson and the Weta Workshop. Each of the pieces will be unique and different, containing original film frames from The Fellowship Of The Ring, The Two Towers and The Return Of The King.

“In my experience, never has there been this much interest in a film” said Embassy Manager Michelle O’Donnell. “The interest in The Lord Of The Rings – The Return of the King is getting bigger by the day – it just seems to be growing and is getting really exciting!” she said.

After the Monday 1 December Wellington World Premiere of The Return Of The King, the Embassy will begin screening exclusively the extended version of the Fellowship of the Ring from Thursday 4th December. A week later the Two Towers extended version will begin its exclusive season on Thursday 11th December. Then both of these films screen back to back on Wednesday 17th leading into the midnight screening of the much anticipated The Return Of The King.

This marathon event of screening the 3 The Lord of the Rings films together has proven popular in the USA, selling out in many cities there and Wellington is certain to follow this pattern.

“Bookings are coming in from all over New Zealand, Australia, USA and Europe” said Ms O’Donnell “with a huge interest from Asia as well. Many are wanting to be in Wellington for the World Premiere of The Return Of The King, then are holidaying through the country and coming back to Wellington for when the film opens on the 18th. But I think many are now having to adjust their plans to be here for this unique marathon screening of all 3 films. These are the real Tolkien aficionados and for them, Wellington is LOTRwhere its at, as the Embassy is recognised as the spiritual home of the film.” she said.

Tickets for the marathon will go on sale in the next few weeks but if you need further information or wish to register and be first in line, then please contact us at; info@deluxe.co.nz