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Green Books Hallowe’en SPECIAL

October 30, 2003 at 5:52 pm by Cliff Quickbeam Broadway  - 

Greetings, Quickbeam here. Green Books has taken a pumpkin knife and carved out a special edition of our monthly magazine:

— Go Out on a Limb with me and discover Aragorn’s inner heart: the “Kingly Proof” may surprise you.
— Ostadan’s Lore & Letters features a touching article on why the Elves pursue the halting of time and age: “Now I Get It, Celebrimbor!”
Moon Letters has a great selection of Fan Fiction and Poems!
— Our man Ostadan answers 11 tricky items in our Questions & Answers including:
1. Were there any female Balrogs?
2. Who was the narrator of The Hobbit and LOTR?
3. How can you capture the light of Earendil?
4. Was Elrond unfair to Aragorn?

— Tolkien and C.S. Lewis scholar Colin Duriez pays Tribute to the masterwork of LOTR.
— Enjoy two stunning articles from our Special Guests. Learn how scientists could make real Mithril in our Science of Middle-earth Series and how the mysterious power of LOTR haunts new readers.

Treats for all our Hallowe’en readers as we explore the WORDS and WORLDS of Tolkien.

Posted in Old Main News on October 30, 2003 by

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