Mr. Lost Apples

The quick (1 minute) theatrical trailer for ROTK is (not surprisingly) mostly old footage cut in different ways, though there’s some new dialogue and a fair amount of fresh material and/or angles on some stuff.

For instance, we’ve seen the front end of Shelob already, but in the teaser they show Frodo in a more frightening and (I thought) more fitting Moria-like dark, staring at a set of glittering eyes as his phial begins to do its thing. This must be right before they start running from her. Elrond delivers his “become who you were born to be” line again, but this time it’s laid over that one shot of Aragorn walking into the citadel or whatever looking like he’s about to claim his destiny.

The text as I remember does not deviate too much from being along the lines of the initial preview, but there is a very exciting shot of what looks like Merry dragging himself to his knees in the midst of battle to draw his sword….made my heart jump, but they didn’t play up the context of it that much, so it was difficult to say anything (especially after just one quick viewing).

I’m going to burn the bridges here, so to speak, so I cannot reveal my sources, but we’ll all see it in its all-too-ephemeral glory in about a week anyway.

I know I’m far from being the only one who’s seen it, so there’ll probably be meatier details leaked out at any rate before the thing hits theaters.