Melt-Banana writes:

I work for *snip* and yesterday I got the opportunity to watch a friend playing The Paths of the Dead-level of the upcoming EA ROTK game. It looked great, and the king of the Dead was quite scary indeed, as Aragorn battled him in a giant cave inside the mountain, a cave “where the dead gather”, according to one of Legolas’ lines.

However, the main reason I’m writing you is that I got a sneak peek at some press information that said that the magazine was not allowed to publish screenshots of these bosses: The King of the dead, Shelob, The Witchking and Sauron’s Lieutenant. I guess this means that a beefed up Mouth of Sauron will be the end of game boss, as well as “the big thing” Aragorn is rumoured to be fighting outside the black gates.

I have visited your great site every day for more than three years, and I do hope that this information is valuable to you.