Kjeft sends along word that he/she was able to see the ROTK trailer! He/she sends along a rough description of it! Take a look!

Hmm.. well.. the trailer is fabulous! I actually dont remember so much of it, cause I was so suprised that they showed the trailer.

We see Eowyn and Merry on a horse, ready to fight.
Galadriel leaning against Frodo who is lying on the ground (it seems like it was a clip from a dream, that maybe Frodo has).
Gollum who talks to himself about taking the ring.
Sam who accuses Gollum for wanting to kill them, Frodo who kinda “protects” Gollum from Sam, and Gollum smiles in an evil way to Sam.
Arwen and Elrond; Elrond says to Arwen that he can’t protect her any longer (I dont remember.. but it was something about Arwen and a sword, and that the King should have it..).

There are enormous battle-scenes!

We see Eomer crying with a person in his arms (maybe Theoden?)
Many Nazgul attacs.
Legolas fighting.
Frodo running inside Shelobs lair with the phial he got from Galadriel, and we se Shelob running after him!
There’s something with a blue flame.


And some of the text that was in the trailer: ‘In every battle there are great losses’ (or something like that..)