Carlene Cordova writes: As you may or may not know – the “Ringers: Lord of the Fans” production crew is heading off to Jolly old England! We’ll be interviewing famous authors like Terry Pratchett, shooting Tolkien’s old stomping grounds in Birmingham, and visiting Oxonmoot in Oxford. We’ll also be interviewing the leadership of The Tolkien Society, lots of fans, some Tolkien scholars and more!

It should be a very productive and promising trip. We’ll be traveling across the English countryside in our own version of “The Mystery Machine.” We’ve even secured the generous services of an wisecracking Scottish driver/audio technician/”old” gaffer/ general dogsbody. who understands how to negotiate the “wrong” side of the road. With the help of our good friend Arathorn, we’ll be updating our site with a sort of BLOG (weblog) of our travels. Hopefully this will happen daily! So, do check the site to see what we’re up to. It should prove entertaining. [Ringers]