This image finally made it into my mailbox, I’m a happy clam tonight. Let me explain; for the past few weeks we’ve been getting emails from people claiming that they’ve seen TTT standees with images of Aragorn, Gandalf, The Hobbits…and someone else. They didn’t recognize who it was, or who it was supposed to be. I thought people were seeing things, confusing themselves with other standees or characters. But I did want to see this standee image for myself. To my delight Nils sends along this image. And I really have to ask everyone, The Powers That Be, PJ, anyone…WHO IS THIS?! [More]

Update! Ok…so we learned who this person is…YOU! Yes I say YOU the fan, this was the area where Wal*Mart customers can place their heads in place and have their photo taken with the LOTR stars. So…he’s not Stuart Townsen, Rick Cottontree, or my Uncle Mario…it’s….you 🙂