So, we hear the ROTK trailer will be shown with Secondhand Lions, which was supposed to open September 26th but was bumped UP to September 19th, so will the ROTK trailer be shown then? Apparently not, read on from our anonymous tipster for all the details.

As you know, the plan all along has been for the (stunning) ROTK trailer to be attached to SECONDHAND LIONS (SL), which was previously scheduled for release on 9/26. However, SL got moved up a week to 9/19 (as it was finished early and has been testing incredibly well), but the ROTK trailer still won’t be ready/mass-produced until the original 9/26 date. Hence, it will be sent separately to theater owners to screen with SL its _second_ weekend (9/26). New Line (NL) apparently will be promoting this, and also plans to expand the release of SL its second weekend.

And by the way… I may be biased, but I think SL is a _fantastic_ movie that LOTR fans will adore, with or without the ROTK trailer. (It’s written and directed by Tim McCanlies, who wrote THE IRON GIANT, and stars Michael Caine, Robert Duvall and Haley Joel Osment.)