ATLANTA – A source has revealed that there is likely to be an IMAX version of “Return Of The King” in the works, brokered as part of a deal for IMAX editions of this year’s two “Matrix” movies. Working in the same process used to convert Disney’s “Beauty And The Beast” the film would require an intermission because of the larger film size and projection equipment used to show the gigantic-screen movies. “Spysquid,” who has connections to the projection industry described his knowledge of the IMAX negotiations as “very reliable.”

Atlanta’s IMAX, located in The Mall of Georgia, is viewed as a national showcase for the IMAX format films. IMAX films because of film size, require an intermission just after the two-hour mark, putting the expected three-hour plus ROTK film far into intermission territory. AOL/Time Warner own New Line Cinema, the parent company of the LOTR films and Warner Brothers, the company that produced the Matrix trilogy. TORn will continue to follow this possible story.

Meanwhile the new American Film Institute theater in Maryland, is hoping that an event being sold to AFI members on December 5 is a screening of “Return Of The King,” according to Alex Tarrand who works at the theater. The event is currently listed as “Lord Of The Rings” and might be the FOTR EE screening. The theater which opened in April is in Silver Spring Maryland and sells tickets to the general public but this hoped-for event is available to members only. Memberships are approximately $30 a year, according to Tarrand.