Panels, discussions and presentations might be the feast that keeps a con-goer alive, but it is the social desert that makes Dragon Con so rich. The Tolkien clan partied in the Centennial Ballroom in the Hyatt hotel in an event dubbed “The Night Of Bree.”

TORn’s own Jincey serves as DCon’s Tolkien themed programming faciltator (called the Tolkien tract) and although she had the unenviable task of announcing that John Rhys-Davies could not attend, she also had the pleasure of leading “Bree” in its celebrations.

With the help of Emerald Rose – of TORn Oscar Party fame – the festivities kicked off with dancing and general merry-making. Between sets, costuming fans trotted out some fantasticly detailed getups. Elves seemed the most popular, splitting the costume contest into a division of Middle-Earth’s immortals and the rest of the good professor’s characters. While TORn users were well represented, there were other Tolkien fans present, leaving all an opportunity to rub shoulders and compare handywork.

Musical sets alternated with contests and breathers giving Bree the perfect balance of fun. Captain American stopped by to battle evil along with other costumed luminaries who craved the party atmosphere.

Judges, including TORn’s own Calisuri, had a difficult time making final decisions, leaving the audience and costumers alike on pins and needles. Kell Yarwood of Memphis won the Elvish prize for her detailed Arwen dress. She hauled in a Sideshow Toys/WETA statue for her trouble. John (John-of-the-night) Day from Orlando took second with his Elvish archer costume while Beth (LadyStar) Robinson from Michigan managed third for her Arwen outfit.

In the “other” category which was more wide open and even more difficult to judge, an Aragorn/Frodo combo displayed by Dion Rupa (New York) and Heather Dunningham (Santa Cruz) took the top prize. Beth (LOTR42) McCullers from Mephis wrapped up 2nd place with her rendition of a fighting Uruk-Hai that would have done Richard Taylor proud. Third Place was secured by Gayle Klar from Savannah with her Balrog costume with extending wings…let the debating begin. An honorable mention was also given for an adorable dancing “Rosie Cotton” portrayed by Tracey (IridescentGrrly) Cook from Huntsville. Please see the TORn Dragon Con scrapbook for these and other photos of the night of Middle-Earth magic.

Rumors of TORn taking the party to a karaoke-friendly establishment and singing “I am A Man Of Constant Sorrow,” can neither be confirmed or denied.