Ringer Bethany sent in this very brief report describing what went to air:

E! news live did air a teaser to RTOK in the last minutes of the show – several images of RoTK, as I’m sure many have been discussed in the spoilers and what you all saw in the actual teaser this morning – good stuff none the less.

Some commentary with Elijah Wood and Sean Astin – reaffirming how the story affects Frodo and Sam.

Ringer Mattforce has this much more extensive report:

First it starts out with Jackson saying, “At the end of The Two Towers, Gandalf says that the battle for Helms Deep …”, and then it cuts to Ian MeKellen actually saying that in that part of the movie. We see the logo for RoTK, then Jackson in the editing room watching some clips of Frodo in Shelob’s Lair.

Then it cuts to Aragorn, Theoden, and the rest of company riding off for the Muster of Rohan. Then we cut back to the editing room. Frodo turns around, and he gets this horrified look on his face, most likely when he first really sees Shelob.

Then we cut to a WETA guy talking about how he thinks it will be just the best battle ever seen on film. There’s a vast number of horses charging across the Pelennor, and its just an amazing epic shot, even though it’s a behind-the-scenes camera filming. It actually looks like a battle.

Then it shows drawings of Oliphants charging towards Minas Tirith, probably during the Pelennor Fields battle. Jackson starts talking about how powerful the story becomes, and how it is immensely driven by the spirit of every one involved – the emotional power is a key factor.

Sean Astin also talks about how this story is from the book, and how the book and the movie are both so alike, and that the story is just what Sam and Frodo are going through. What Sam has to live up to, to carry on, and what’s happening to Poor Mister Frodo – his exact words.

They show some pictures of Sam and Frodo, looking up at something, and then that amazing picture of Frodo on the new RoTK poster, where he’s just in tears. That alone got my heart pumping. Elijah Wood comes in and says that it’s truly better than film one and two combined: “Some people call me crazy, but (sighs) thats just the truth.”

It also shows a majestic shot of Gandalf riding up to the hill looking towards Minas Tirith, and then it continues on to show him riding up a set of stairs at Minas Tirith, and looking out at a vast number of orcs approaching for battle.

It shows the Cross Roads, Pippin saying, “Is there any hope Gandalf? For Frodo and Sam?” Then Gandalf replies, “There never was much hope. Just a fool’s hope.”

There was a little more, but nothing we haven’t seen.