Cilghal writes: I’ve been keeping my eye on a few shopping sites that carry the United Cutlery LOTR swords, knives, etc., waiting for Anduril to come out. One of the sites, Clinch Mountain Outfitters, is now offering the following:

Daggers of Legolas (Available 11/1/03)
Strider Sword Scabbard (Available 9/1/03)
Herugrim (Available 11/1/03)
elvin Knife of Strider (Available 9/1/03)
Anduril (Available 10/1/03)
King Elendi Helmet (Their spelling, not mine!) (Available 9/1/03)
Gimli’s Helmet (Available 9/1/03)

Unfortunately, they don’t as yet have any picture or description of the items, just the price. My guess is, though, that the pictures won’t be long in coming – at least for those available the beginning of next month. [More]