Ringer Spy NZBoy reports:

Today at Westpac Trust Stadium in Wellington, Wellington was playing
Southland in a normal NPC rugby game, which Wellington won. After the game, the LOTR sound crew came out, and one the big screen there they got the crowd to chant out the sayings on there while the sound crew were around the outsides of the stadium.

The first chant was ‘DEATH’ a human chart. [What’s the odds that this will be something screamed by the Rohirrim at the Pelennor Fields? – Dem.]

The following chants are Orc ones – GROND, KATMUDA, GURUT. When the crowd got going, it sounds really cool!! Even though in the pics it doesn’t look like a lot of people where there, there were a lot on the side I was taking the pics, that side is the cheap seats.


The guy in sunglasses was the guy leading the chants. Other pics are of what was chanted, and the sound crew. I have also included a sound recording of Katmuda, not the greatest but you get the idea.

You can listen to the chanting right here!