Murky Majare writes: I have just gotten a sneak peak at the 10 min preview of RotK and can confirm that it is on the TTT DVD which will be out on the 26th.

The ‘teaser’ that many of us have already seen is the end of the preview, where we get some short interview from Sean, Viggo, Eliah and PJ as well as a few other directors, Alan on Minas Tirith etc.

We get to see a lot other short clips from diffrent stages of the film. A few scenes of Frodo running in Shelob’s cave. (awesome) The entrance to the Path of the Dead Sequence.

A scene between Merry and Pippin, where Pippin is informed that Sauron now believes that Pippin has the ring and thus is after him.

A scene with Denethor, who is not pleased about this “ranger of the north”

Several snap shots of Minas Tirith, and also a sequence about Massive, their program for making the armires move. (In which we get to see some flyby scenes from the battle).

There is a long sequence from Pelenor Fields, where we get to see lots of horses attacking, a cool scene (in Massive) where an Oliophant tries to stomp some horses. Merry charging (in full armor).

And lots more than I can remember.