Irascian writes: The latest issue of SFX (September) leads its news pages with reports from Comic-Con with the New Line panel headlining (scans attached). Most telling (or worrying?!) quote from Andy Serkis: “I’m looking forward to where the character [Gollum] is going to take them [the audience]. Because I think they think they know what’s going to happen to him, bu they’ll have a few surprises in store.” And Richard Taylor is quoted as saying of the third movie “It is easily two times more epic than film two. It will be the largest, most complex movie ever made”. For Orlando Bloom fans the same issue has 7 pages on “Pirates of the Caribbean” and an ad for the October issue (out on September 6th) that will apparently put Return of the King centre-stage with “everything you need to know about the final part of Peter Jackson’s Middle-earth masterpiece!” [More]

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