A spy by the name of Jedi over at Comingsoon.net has posted a bit of information about the scenes in the Two Towers Extended Edition and some minor spoilers for RoTK.

A lot of the Towers information we’ve already read in AICN’s report, but there are some very interesting clarifications on several scenes. Although this report seems credible, the usual spy report disclaimers apply. Jedi writes:

I’ll give you report on the EE of TTT first then info on ROTK including my experience on set of the pick-ups going on and a look at a completed scene I got to view. Then info. on the trailer.

The day was Tuesday and it started with getting up around 9am and going for some breakfast with my “friends” at a little cafe called “Fidel’s.” If you stay in Wellington, I highly reccomend Fidel’s for your eating needs. Got out of there around 10:30am, drove to the screening where we sat down in a little screening room with about 30 seats and then it was show time.

Extended opening with Sam and Frodo: After Frodo wakes from his nightmare of Moria, the scene cuts to the hobbits carefully making their way down a cliff as the two towers title appears on the screen contrast to the theatrical version where the scene cuts to the hobbits making their way up a mountain and title pops up on screen. There is a better teaser leading up to Gollum, the audience really gets full of effect of the hobbits being followed, I believe there was a scene where we see Gollum’s point of view watching them as rome around emyn muil.

The Urukhai: You see the rivalry between Mordor’s orcs and Sauruman’s urukhai. One orc asks Grishnak why “the master wants the halflings…” The reply is “they have some elvish weapon, the master wants it for his war…” It all still leads to the food fight.

Sauruman in the cabins of Isengard is extended a little, he just walks around more.

Great new added scene here: The fight at ford isens where Eomer comes upon the body of a wounded Theodred who was ambushed by orcs. Karl Urban rules! Nuf said.

Treebeard: New scene added with Treebeards home and the hobbits rest and then drink the ent draught where they realized they have grown in the next scene. The look on their faces is kind of deja vu..

Fangorn forest and the return of Gandalf seemed in tack, although when he speaks about what happened in Moria, it looked like some scenes of Gandalf battling the balrog were added. It’s been months since I last saw the theatrical version of TTT.

The king of the golden hall: This scene is extended a little, mostly it is more wormtounge, we see the the rohirrium guards leading Grima to the steps as he protests, this scene is contrast to the theatrical version where after Theoden is exorcised the scene cuts directly to the steps of of the Golden hall and Wormtounge is thrown out. We then go to the funeral of Theodred when the beautiful Eowyn (Miranda Otto) sings a lament for her cousin. Very moving scene, Miranda has a beautiful voice.

There is are new scenes in the golden hall, in paticular Eowyn serves Aragorn some stew, the stew doesn’t look too tasty, but when you have been living off Lembas for days anything looks good. Also if I remember correctly there was another small scene where Aragorn reveals his real age to Eowyn.

Extended scene in the Edoras stables as the Rohirrum guards along with Aragorn and Eowyn are seeing that the horses are saddled ready to depart to Helms deep.

[My guess is the picture below is part of this scenes – Dem.]

Eowyn In The Stables At Edoras
Brego is better introduced as he becomes wild, kicking and screaming. A calm Aragorn says “turn this fellow free… He has see enough war…” That is when Eowyn really begins to fall in love with Aragorn.

More conversations between Gandalf and Aragorn, including the scene we have seen in the previews where Gandalf and Aragorn are talking at nightfall about Sauron and Saurman tightenting the noose… Also talking about how war is upon us.

Some new scenes with Faramir. Faramir role is beefed up. Most notable is the extension of scenes and new scene added to the osgiliath sequence, during the sequence where the Gondorian army and Faramir rangers retake the city of Osgiliath the great new scene of the flaskback of Boromir being sent to Rivendell and the introduction of Denethor. Great new scene, the Denethor’s cameo is well done and well placed. I gurantee you that when you guys see and meet denethor, you want jump through the screen and strangle him and tell him to show love to both his sons. Faramir gets no repect, which better explains Faramir hard nosed attitude and why he wants to take the ring to Gondor.

There are extended scenes of Sauruman and Worntounge in orthanc.

Helms Deep seemed longer and I could bet the farm in saying that I saw some new scenes in interlaced with others. Like I said above it has been awhile since I saw the theatrical version, so I can’t remember what is new and what is not new.

The storming of Isengard has some new scenes added, what appears to be hurorns leave and appear at helms deep as the urukhai are fleeing the scene and the huorns take on all comers. This was a cool scene..

The ending is not really new, but more extended, it still has the same stuff but there are more scenes that lead up to it, like Merry and Pippin going in the store room, Legolas and Gimli claiming they each won the orc killing contest and of course Faramir showing Frodo, Sam and Gollum to the sewers of Osgiliath where he tells Frodo “Go with the good of all men…” Then Faramir snickered something at Gollum. Sam and Gollum make a semi truce there too.

Well, that’s it. Another job well done by PJ and the editors.

Now the ROTK stuff:

I got to see some footage of ROTK, actually it was an actual scene. The scene consisted of a King who as fallen in battle and his nephew who is his last true heir gives a lament to his fallen Uncle. Very emotional scene. I was almost driven to tears, I would haved cried if the scene had been scored. That won’t happen untill sometime in late September or early October. BTW, if I have to actually tell you the names of the characteres invloved in this scene, then you are NOT a LOTR fan.

I did get to go Thursday and watch some pick-ups being shot at Wellington studios, they are actually doing some more pick ups for the pellenor fields, they are using a giant blue screen and there were a bunch of extras. Also in previous pick ups, Dom Monaghan did some new scenes with Bernard Hill who plays Theoden.

Finally, work on the trailer will begin in late August.
It will be a type of “super trailer,” over 2 minutes in length. Also, don’t get your hopes up about seeing shelob in the trailer, she will be teased. You may see just a leg or any eye or just her lair, they really are not considering putting her in the trailer in all her glory.

Also, there is talk of adding a hidden ROTK preview to TTT EE dvd just like what was done with TFOTR EE dvd and TTT hidden preview. Nothing is certain yet.

That’s it.

Peace out,