Summertime Greens–Green Books, That Is!

July brings a firecracker update from the Green Books Staff, including:

-Turgon’s Q&A with Tolkien scholar Jane Chance
-Anwyn fires back at some of the flames raised by last month’s Counterpoint
-A Tribute by Elizabeth Chadwick, author of historical novels set in the Medieval period
-A Special Guest article by Olog-hai, the start of a new series on “The Science of Middle-earth”
-A large new batch of Tookish’s Ticklers
-Some new prose and poetry in Moon Letters
-More of the perenially popular Q&A, including such queries as “Why is Sauron more powerful than the other Maiar?” “Why was the forbidden pool of Ithilien forbidden?” and “Why didn’t Gandalf use the Elven ring to escape from the Balrog?”

Stay tuned, as well, for hasty news from Quickbeam when he returns from the Moot … er, Comic-Con!