From IMDB: The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences on Wednesday converted its marketing “guidelines” under which filmmakers can campaign for Oscars to “regulations” and warned that any member “who has authorized, approved or executed a campaign activity that is determined by the Board of Governors to have undermined the letter or spirit of these regulations will be subject to suspension of membership or expulsion from the Academy.” It also warned that if there were serious violations of the rules, a film could lose its eligibility for Awards consideration. In a statement, Academy President Frank Pierson said, “There will now be personal consequences to improper campaigning.” In an interview with today’s (Thursday) Los Angeles Times, Pierson added that stripping a film of its eligibility is “a weapon we’ve never used, but we are definitely putting it out there.”

What could this possibly mean as far as ‘For Oscar, Please’ ROTK ads? Who knows.