RangerOfTheEast writes: BNU (NZ Rugby Team) TO STAR IN LORD OF THE RINGS AGAIN! Following on from the success of last year’s soundbite, the Academy Award winning Lord Of The Rings sound team have requested BNU’s services once more. If you enjoy running around screaming like a mad man and assaulting your fellow friends then come and join us on Thursday 3 July 2003 from 7.30pm @ Vogelmorn Park. The club will getting some payment but we need to get plenty of people along prepared to make some noise! This will probably be your last chance to play a part in the production of the Lord Of The Rings trilogy (and you can help your club at the same time) so see you all next Thursday. [More]

Follow this link for the original ‘soundbite’ story we posted on February 16th 2002. [More]