Ringer Spy Sven informed us that Dark Horizons had got hold of a few images from the recent Licensing Exhibition 2003 in New York.

First of all, this lends more credibility to a report we received a couple of days ago about this event. You can check that out here.

Not a lot can be drawn from the pictures themselves.

Gondorian Soldiers Brace Themselves

This one is probably just before the Great Gate is destroyed by the seige engine Grond. Not hard to conclude.

Aragorn At The Tents

Who is Aragorn looking at and/or speaking to? And where are these tents anyway? There’s surely no need to camp near Edoras or at Helm’s Deep. Perhaps it’s up near Isengard? Or could it be at the Pelennor? One suspects it could be related to those rumours of Elrond turning up to deliver some words of wisdom and/or a certain object vital to Aragorn’s kingly future …

Gandalf At Minas Tirith

Finally, Gandalf looking pretty much on the edge of his wits. Waiting for Faramir, perhaps, and news of FRodo and the Ring? Seems to be daylight, as opposed to the nightime looking shot of the Gondorian soldiers. I guess that could be altered with digital colour correction.