We got this from somebody who is apparently somehow working as an extra while visiting NZ [from France, judging by the email address.] How this came to be, he doesn’t explain, so I’m taking this all with a grain of salt:

“I’m writing this morning from my hotel in New Zealand, having informations which could possibly be interesting for you. Actually, I’m involved in shooting scenes as a Gondorian soldier (I’m not working today, so I’m writing to you now and will certainly walk around this afternoon).

“Well, what you will perhaps be happy to learn concerns yesterday’s shootings. These shoots included Viggo Mortensen, Liv Tyler and Hugo Weaving. I’ll try to tell you the most details I can, which is not easy because I was involved in a very little part of the scene.

“In fact, Mortensen was in a tent with Liv Tyler, bringing him his sword. My task, to me and five others, was to bring Hugo Weaving, dressed in a blue elvish coat, in the tent, announcing him to the two others. One of my fellows had to say something like “Someone is asking your attention”, or anything like this.

“This was in fact all I had to do : we had to do this 3 time, and that’s all. after that, I think they shooted what was happening in the tent.”

So, if this is true, we know a bit more about how Viggo gets Anduril back, and that it seems like Arwen and Elrond will both be around together seeing Aragorn either before or after the Battle of the Pelennor Fields.

Demosthenes here – just thought I’d add a few quick comments.

Coming pretty hot on the heels of the AICN report, this little snippet is very interesting. Now, it could be that the AICN spy simply neglects to mention any others in the scene by name. He/she does refer to “all assembled” at one point. But that could mean the crew. It’s vague.

However, I (personally) think Arwen’s involvement is very doubtful, given what Philippa Boyens said back in 2001 about Arwen not entering Gondor or Rohan until the wedding.

That means this report should also be considered pretty doubtful.

Of course, 2001 was a long time ago, and things may have changed in the storyline during that time, but (to the best of my recollection) we still haven’t scene any hard physical evidence that counters this statement.

In fact, the Helm’s Deep scenes tend to support Boyen’s quotes from 2001, rather than detract from it.

Hope for a teaser trailer soon, because that will clear up some of these wilder rumours once and for all.