Here’s a VERY unsubstantiated rumour courtesy of Zidane: “I’d like to let you know that Haldir from the Hall of Mandos and the love story of Beren and Luthien have already made it into the ROUGH cut. I repeat: into the ROUGH cut. It’s not at all confirmed that these two scenes will be included into the theatrical cut or even into the dvd cut, but PJ has already shot them.
This friend of mine told me that Haldir, *IF* he’s going to appear, will appear at the end of ROTK saying farewell to all the viewers… But as this scene will only appeal to the readers of Silmarillion and will not have such a big emotional effect as the Aragorn’s and Arwen’s death will have, [deaths implied and foreseen, not as part of the plot, I take it – Tehanu] – it will propably not be included. But I also think that Beren and Luthien will not make it to the final cut, because of the sufficient Aragorn-Arwen love story… But if they will, there will be a comparison between these two couples.