With the wonderful help of a new Green Books assistant webmaster, WeeTanya, Green Books is off and running with a boatload of new May material!

Check out 15 new Q&A articles, including:

May brings many wonderful brand new fan-written Moon Letters!

Turgon, Ostadan, Quickbeam, and Anwyn each have a new column this month. Anwyn’s Counterpoint takes a mild biographical look at Tolkien’s views on war, while Quickbeam’s Out on a Limb takes a more humanistic view of the same subject, exploring how he has learned from great writers like Tolkien how to deal with the oppressive cloud of war; Turgon’s Bookshelf details a huge stash of forthcoming Tolkien books for 2003; and Ostadan’s Lore and Letters deals with a problem of translation very dear to the hearts of Jackson fans!

We want to spotlight some Tributes and a Special Guest article!

Last but most certainly not least, it is the triumphant return of Tookish’s Ticklers! The Ticklers are loaded with humor submitted by you, TORn’s readers!

Look for a new Green Books update in June, and don’t forget to check out TORn’s very own book, The People’s Guide to J.R.R. Tolkien, available now in bookstores and at Amazon.com!