Merry in Oz writes, “Greetings! Not that it is really necessary, but I totallly urge all Ringers to get to the Exhibition when it comes to your town over the next few years. We saw it in Wellington and WOW–it is fantastic!! I am sure it will be even better as the ROTK finishes up and more props can be added to the displays. My favourite item was Boromir in his Elven boat. I just stood next to him, waitng for him to wake up–it was that real. The Black Rider was terrifying, the Room of Fire (featuring The One Ring) unsettling, the video clip of Gollum’s debate mesmerising–it went on and on and on. Even the weave of Frodo’s bracers (small and normal scale) was covered–incredible!! I can’t wait until it comes to Sydney–but I suppose I have to for a couple of years!!! Oh, and take your money to the gift shop!! Cheers!”