Thoughts from Wilhelm of Eregion: “Though this is just a speculation from the text, if you were looking for a place to slip in a more dramatic visual presentation of Sauron, it seems more likely that Peter Jackson and crew would have visually expanded upon Aragorn’s experience of wrestling with Sauron for the control of Orthanc palantir. In this portion of the narrative, Tolkien used his somewhat familiar literary device of describing that confrontation after the fact. From a cinematic perspective, Jackson could create a tangible Sauron in the nether regions of “Palantir” reality and still keep true to the stated fact that Sauron could not take form in this reality without the possession of the Ring, (not to mention build a considerable amount of dramatic tension that would culminate in the necessity for the riding through the “Paths of the Dead”). And, on the other hand, doesn’t it seem somewhat redundant for Aragorn and the forces of Gondor to confront the “Mouth of Sauron” in front of the Black Gates only to be going toe to toe with the actual Sauron a few frames later. What would be the purpose of sending a messenger if you planned on making an appearance at the same time ?”