OK, enough seriousness [like we’re always so serious!]…..these are some of the more weird and funny things that came our way in the past week or so.

Firstly, there’s this site for getting to Mordor using Mapquest [More]

Secondly, this very nice LOTR-inspired music hall – a cosy hobbit-like venue for music. They are located in Bradford, Vermont, USA.
[a More]

Now, Sean thought other fans who visit TheOneRing.net might enjoy a short, satirical essay on bad grammar in e-correspondence starring Professor Tolkien. The article asks, how might the Good Professor have responded to the average email, if he’d lived to see the day? [More]

Morwen sent us this weird series from PBS – the Warrior Challenge. One to watch if you’re in the States and have always wondered whether Vikings could beat the Air Force. [More] Would Aragorn make a good Marine?