From Wil Harris:

Thought some of you guys might be interested in the fact John Rhys Davis came to the Oxford Union tonight to speak…

Yours truly got some pics, and also spent a whopping 75 quid (I kid you not…I am so broke) on a charity auction for a signed piccie. Of course, the signed piccie was only half of it, so onto the pics :

Check them out: 1 The man himself in full flow. Much thinner than I remember on Sliders.

2 Doing his best Gimli impression.

3 The prize included drinks afterwards, so I took the opportunity to get a quick snap

4 Of course, this was what I wanted all along !

5 The actual prize. A little lame, but hey 🙂

So I’m desperately racking my brains for interesting quotes..

“OK first things first. No I do not have Orlando Bloom’s phone number”.

I asked him a quick Q about how he thought Sliders went, in front of the main chamber…he gave a quick answer, before saying “and if anyone asks me about it again, I’ll kill them!”

He was one of these people that starts off on one topic, but that reminds him of something else, and 10 minutes later you’re a mile away from where you started. Fascinating, and extremely funny, with a wicked sense of humour. It’s hard trying to think of one hilarious thing that he said, because the whole thing was just so funny, but it is also clear he has a welath of experience and background behind him. His wife writes for Frasier and Seinfeld…he mentioned some of his wife’s past exploits (apparently she danced in an Elvis movie) embarassing her, before saying “Well, it looks like I won’t be getting laid tonight!”

We had a bit of a chat in the drinks afterwards which was cool, and he said well done to me and the other two guys that won the auction for being so generous for a good cause…he had also spent a long time in the chamber talking about how he was brought up by a ‘welsh mother’…which anybody who knows a traditional welsh mother will understand It was funny, because all of what he was saying was 100% my mum…he laughed a lot when I told him that, and proceeded to take the mickey out of me in a Welsh accent.

So, overall, pretty darned good. We’re spoilt at the Union this term…Ian McKellen next week (hopefully he will sign my LOTR DVD without me having to pay 75 pound) and, I’m informed, get ready to swoon, Viggo next term is confirmed 😀

Thanks Wil, for that report!

Bing added, “John Rhys Davies was at the Oxford Union on Tuesday 6th May. He spoke about his career, LOTR and suggested that everyone should take a hanky when they see LOTR. He also tipped Sean Austin to recieve an oscar nomination for best supporting actor, next time around”