The Coming Soon website has a quote from Ian McKellen that may or may not give away some major spoilers concerning Saruman’s role in The Return of the King. Warning: Spoilers! Highlight text below to read:

“Someone then said they enjoyed the fight scene with Saruman in the first film, and asked if we would see something similar in the third film, Return of the King. Sir Ian replied in the negative, saying that originally Saruman was to have died at the end of the second film but that this would now be the introduction to the third film. ‘He falls from a great height and comes to a sticky end’, he revealed, before going on to say ‘Peter Jackson is a huge horror film fan. That’s why he cast Christopher Lee – who better to play Saruman than the biggest horror villain? Knowing that and Peter’s great love for horror movies, it’s inconceivable that Dracula wouldn’t play some part in Saruman’s death’.”

Hmmm…confirmation of the Spikey Wheel after all? We’re keeping our grains of salt handy.

Thanks to Daevon for the link! [More]

Demosthenes here. I just wanted to point out that this originally came from Ringer Spy Irascian’s An Audience with Ian McKellen report that we posted up a couple of days ago. Well worth a read, if you missed it originally.