Sent to us from Ringer Mo Jones: As I’m sure you know, the Space Channel from up here [Canada] was at the big Oscar party and put together a really fun video… and thanks to the hard work of Demosthenes & Arathorn we’re now able to present this little gem for the rest of Planet Earth. Featuring site Co-Founder Xoanon, Green Books’ Quickbeam & Anwyn, Sandman/Orbiter illustrator Colleen Doran, actors John Rhys-Davies, Dominic Monaghan and Billy Boyd, and fans from around the globe, this is a great taste of what the party looked and felt like as we celebrated the nominations of Peter Jackson’s LotR: TTT during the 75th Academy Awards.

Windows Media 9 [Click to view video] (18.2MB)
Quicktime: [Click to view video] (20.4MB, but slightly worse quality)

If necessary you may need to download the Window Media 9 codecs or Quicktime.