*UPDATE*Congrats! I believe we won, but the results are announced on E! News Daily right now! (7pm EST). If someone catches the results, please email me at calisuri@theonering.net

*UPDATE* Beware of the power of The One Ring! In a mere 45 minutes, we’ve managed to turn the tide, and are winning now by 15%!!! Don’t let that stop you though. Lets send Neo back into the shadow!

Okay, maybe they didn’t ask, but Ringer XC sends us a heads up that E! Online is hosting a daily poll asking which sequel fans are most anticipating this year. Right now, the Matrix is winning by 2%. BAH! Its a great franchise and all, but come on! Lets see if we can effect the outcome and get ‘Return of the King’ over the top! (The poll is on the frontpage, lower left) [Vote!]