Viggo went Horseback Riding (headline)

Actor Viggo Mortensen, famous from The Lord Of The Rings Films, visited Iceland in the past week. Like Aragorn he is a great horseman and he went with his son, Henry Mortensen, on horseback twice with the Laxnes Horse-Leasing Company. Both times they went for two hours in the area around Laxnes, according to Haukur Thórarinsson owner of the Leasing Co. who went with them the second time.

Did his own dishes (second headline)

“He is an exprienced rider and had fun. They cought some bad weather and lots of rain the first time but had fun nevertheless. They had soup afterwards and he even did his own dishes,” says Haukur about Viggo’s down to earth personality.

Father and son like the Icelandic horses. “I understand that he had not tried Icelandic horses before but he was very pleased,” says Haukur

As an example of Viggo’s love for horses he requested that Aragorn would be more on horseback in the films than first was thought. He always kept his horse close and went riding when he was not shooting to strengthen the relationship between rider and horse.

The Mortensens left the country yesterday, but 15 year old Henry has also appeared in movies like his father. He played Viggo’s son on the white screen in the film Crimson Tide from the year 1995.

Haukur is a big fan of The Lord of the Rings, both books and films and was very pleased with the visit. “It was a great honor”


(1) Viggo Mortensen with Kristján Ara, son of Íris and Haukur, in his arms.

(2) Henry Mortensen, horseman and actor Viggo Mortensen, Íris Kristjánsdóttir, Haukur Thórarinsson and their son, Júlíus Hauksson.