Conflicting reports: Joyita complains that the version of TTT that was shown in her town was CUT!! NOT THAT AGAIN!!

“It’s true that people here in India like TTT more, but there were MANY scenes cut. They didn’t even cut it off properly and we were left staring at a blank screen for several seconds. It was so crude that they didn’t leave the credits and the music didn’t blend properly. Its sad that many ppl in India will never see much of the deadmarshes, Edoras,Arwen and Galadriel. The 3 hour movie was cut to two and a half hours. Even FOTR was cut better(and that wasn’t very good). Not that the movie wasn’t enjoyable, but NewLine should hang its head in shame anyway. Its because of things like this that pirating is rampant in India.” [Note – I think it’s the distributors doing the cutting, not New Line – Tehanu]

Varun in Mumbai:
“The Lord of the Rings:The Two Towers was released here in Mumbai,India on Friday the 28th,of march. It released in 11 theatres across the city which for an english film is pretty awesome.The movie is currently running 4 shows a day at all the 11 theatres nearly a week after its release which by standards here is amazing. Even folks who haven’t read the books were enthralled by the visual effects and enjoyed the movie.The battle at Helms Deep,the ents,gollum and of course Legolas and Gimli turned out to be great favourites with the audiences.i have seen TTT twice already within 6 days of its release and plan to see it atleast twice more.”

From Mumbai also, Tunali writes,
“Well as you know TTT has released in india on the 28th. I have been unlucky enough to not be able to see it yet thanks to my exams and also to the huge crowds it has drawn. The movie is at present going housefull and will continue too i hope for a long time… hopefully more than FOTR; which went on for more than a month here. It seems that the Ring really yields more power and all who see it seem to be enchanted by it! The one ring seems to fade the “razzle dazzle” of chicago…. As always tolkien still remains a “hot topic” for discussion and I cannot tell you how eager I am to see the movie for myself!”