Hey guys, leo here. Well.. my inbox has been flooded with emails about yesterday’s april’s fool joke. Honestly, Isengard doesn’t even begin to compare to the status of my inbox. The general consensus seems to be that everyone pretty much gathered it was a joke after the first heart attack had passed, and we even managed to trick some of our own staff (right Quickbeam?). To be quite honest the real criminal masterminds behind this joke were GreenBooks Staffer Anwyn who wrote the press release and Calisuri who came with the idea in the first place, really I had nothing to do with it at all 0:)

I’m glad everyone took it so well though (I’m not counting the 20+ deaththreats I got), our past april fools, amongst others the one about New Line acquiring TheOneRing.net, didn’t go over to well but I think this one did the trick pretty good. Thanks for playing along and keep your wit open next year!