A few funny moments that we missed in our earlier reports, evidently: “I had attended the Scottish film festival in Burlington and during the question period I asked a question about the dwarvish moon runes and got a very large reaction from the crowd and from Mr. Boyd himself. Apparently he did not know what moon runes were let alone how to read them. This seemed to be a major source of entertainmentfor Billy and the rest of the crowd.” – Nillithwen

Brandybean writes: “I just thought I’d take the opportunity to add a bit more to the report about the Billy interview at Trent University, since my experience was a little different.

“I had gone to Trent to visit friends for the weekend and upon arrival heard that Billy Boyd was to be speaking there on the Tuesday. Naturally, I made arrangements to miss the two days of class and stayed with my friend until Tuesday night.

“I won’t go into details that were already covered in the previous report. I had gotten there early and snached a good seat in the second row. Billy, looking quite the part of a young, dashing movie star, came in and talked for a while, telling us mostly funny anecdotes. One of these was a story that was partially in the extended DVD: that in the scene where he was throwing stones, he accidentally hit the cameraman in the nose, breaking it. Apparently, the next day, someone on set had heard about Mr. Boyd’s aim (or lack thereof) and went to hide when they began to shoot more of the scene. But there was just no stopping him! One stone richoched off of a wall and hit the guy who was well concealed right in his… area. Billy also talked about comedy… “it’s all about………. timing.”  Another moment worth mentioning is that at one point, a girl got up to leave, (presumably to the bathroom), and he stopped in mid-sentence, turned around and started screaming at her to! sit down. “I came all the way from Scotland to talk to you!” he yelled in mock anger.

“We watched three out takes from FOTR, and for some odd reason we were made to watch the entire scene from Moria. I kept hoping they’d cut the scene so we could continue with the interview. I never thought I’d see the day where I wanted to turn off LOTR! We also watched a bit from Sniper, and Billy made some excellent points about the loss of humanity when we create soldiers in armies.

“Anyway the interview progressed and finally it was time for some Q and A. I was the first person picked to ask a question, probably due to my arm’s incredible speed as it shot into the air. I asked him about plot details of this scuba diving movie project, and only got a vague response about how he had been working on it in Mexico with Dom. Oh, and that it was funnier than a penguin playing a banjo… I think I’ve heard THAT before! I had thought I was going to get some good scoop on it and be able to email you lovely staff members of TheOneRing with some really good new details… apparently not. Bother!

“After this, I rushed up to the stage for an autograph/picture but was quickly joined by a horde of fans! I managed to get what I wanted but couldn’t really escape so I was pinned rather helplessly in front of him and could only watch in horror as he signed autographs frantically and tried not to get crushed himself. I felt rather guilty about being a part of that, especially since the poor fellow had a cold, but when I had gone up there I didn’t realize everyone else was planning to as well. I have to hand it to him though, he was cool as a cucumber and sort of seemed to be enjoying the frantic attention.

“Don’t worry, it was a happy ending, and he was extricated just fine from the crowd by his cousin!”